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I Can’t Get No Satisfaction: Ralitza Spassova Of Up To Health On Why So Many Of Us Are Feeling…

I Can’t Get No Satisfaction: Ralitza Spassova Of Up To Health On Why So Many Of Us Are Feeling Unsatisfied & What We Can Do About It

An Interview With Drew Gerber

Trusting your truth is one of the most powerful things you can do in your life. Once you become solid in your truth, nobody can manipulate you, and the universe can support your evolution, manifestation becomes a daily habit, and limits become irrelevant! It’s really difficult to feel unsatisfied from this place of alignment!

From an objective standpoint, we are living in an unprecedented era of abundance. Yet so many of us are feeling unsatisfied. Why are we seemingly so insatiable? What is going on inside of us that is making us feel unsatisfied? What is the brain chemistry that makes us feel this way? Is our brain wired for endless insatiable consumption? What can we do about it? In this interview series, we are talking to credentialed experts such as psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, brain science experts, as well as spiritual and religious leaders, and mind-body-spirit coaches, to address why so many of us are feeling unsatisfied & what we can do about it.

As a part of this series, I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Ralitza Spassova.

Ralitza has a background in medicine and teaching and has found her calling as a Life Alchemist and Transformational Authenticity Coach. She is passionate about inspiring people to follow their true calling, using her P3 Alchemy Method which addresses the mind-body-spirit relationship and importance of balance. P3 stands for Passion, Purpose, Potential — she believes there’s a wealth of power within each of us, and when accessed via passionate pursuits, can create a life of alignment with our purpose and help us reach levels of our potential unimaginable by most, resulting in joy and pure bliss.

Thank you so much for joining us in this interview series! Before we dive in, our readers would love to know how you got from “there to here.” Inspire us with your backstory!

Thank you for having me! There’s so many examples of transformation in my story, some say I’ve lived 5 people’s lives in one human body. I was born in Communist Bulgaria and at the age of three fled to Canada with my mother, where I grew up. I’ve studied and worked in Canada, Aruba and USA, have been married and divorced, raised the most amazing child while completing Medical School, and pivoted from teaching medical school, high school and GED, to Coaching during the pandemic. In the midst of it all, I went through a major depression, and was fortunate enough to see the other side of that valley. I’ve grown up in and out of toxic relationships, so there’s no shortage of obstacles in my backstory. Getting from there to here has offered me many learnings, some of which I’ll share with you today, which can hopefully serve someone that’s having a similar experience.

What got me through the darkest times was the knowing that everything happens for a reason, which has evolved into my common question “what happened FOR you?” I truly believe that we are meant to learn, grow and evolve through all of our experiences and that life is a series of changes. I don’t see myself as a victim of my circumstances, and I’m always open to serve. When I was younger, this used to be true even if it hurt me at times, I was able to see beyond myself and “take one for the team” of humanity, which I now realize was over-responsibility and a need for external validation, codependency at it’s finest, but we won’t go there yet.

What lessons would you share with yourself if you had the opportunity to meet your younger self?

Trust your truth. Honor your instincts. Follow your calling, unapologetically, without seeking anyone’s approval (easier said than done)! Oh, and set boundaries (I talk about this is in my upcoming books).

None of us are able to experience success without support along the way. Is there a particular person for whom you are grateful because of the support they gave you to grow you from “there to here?” Can you share that story and why you are grateful for them?

My dad. Growing up I wasn’t your typical “daddy’s princess” only child. We had it pretty rough for a long time. He left a comfortable lifestyle back home to help my mom make it as an immigrant in a new country, where neither spoke the language. He’s one person who’s always been able to create humor in life, laugh (and curse) at the challenges, and at the end of the day, taught me about unity and love for humanity. When he moves to a new city (which we did a lot growing up) or travels, within a week he knows everyone in a 10km radius, and their entire life stories. He’s one of the smartest people I know, without even finishing high school! He’s always pushed me to be better, to do more if I could, and has always been proud of me, even when it hurt him. My inspiration to choose an authentic and aligned life path was inspired by our many fireside conversations about life passing too fast, and the importance of doing what you love (despite our actual conversations being quite the contrary of this conclusion). My dad is the guy — when you walk into a room and there’s a group of people belly-laughing — to be at the center of that table, telling jokes and pulling at people’s heartstrings. He’s the true alchemist, he just doesn’t know it!

Are you working on any exciting new projects now? How do you think it might help people?

I’m currently rebranding! I’ve taken a position to support quality improvement in healthcare which has some potential conflicts of interest with my Professional Health and Life Coaching business (AuthenticityMD). As usual, I’m recognizing the blessing in this obstacle, and instead of meeting it with resistance, I’m open to allowing this opportunity to take my business in a new direction, knowing it’s in service to my greater calling and purpose. This mindset shift has greatly served me, as I believe part of the reason humanity suffers is that we’re too attached and stagnant. We’re afraid of change. We believe that once we’ve decided something we’ve got to nearly kill ourselves to accomplish it. The truth is, that if the universe, God, mother nature — call it what you will — shows us that there’s an alternative path for us, meeting it with awareness, acceptance and aligned action is the most graceful and intelligent way to move forward. This three-step method comes from the Institute of Coaching Mastery by Alyssa Nobriga (my amazing mentor coach), from which I’m graduating this year! Being able to offer my gifts in supporting physicians to exponentially improve patient outcomes, as well as going all-in on my Life Coaching business to empower universal alignment is a dream come true.

I’m also writing two books. One is titled Authenticity Calling (also the name of my upcoming Podcast) which is basically writing itself through divine inspiration, and the second book is a bit of a life review titled The Reason Why Nice Guys Finish Last (this is for you too Good Girl) and How to Stop Being So Fu**ing NICE! I’m hoping these coach-in-a-book creations and authentic conversations can inspire people to break the proverbial box they live in, and create a life they love! Not because life’s too short, but because embracing every moment and living life to its fullest potential is our birthright! We’ve been fooled to believe otherwise — and I believe it’s time for us to claim our truth.

Ok, thank you for sharing your inspired life. Let’s now talk about feeling “unsatisfied”. In the Western world, humans typically have their shelter, food, and survival needs met. What has led to us feeling we aren’t enough and don’t have enough? What is the wiring? Or in other words, how has nature and nurture played into how humans (in an otherwise “safe and secure” environment) experience feeling less than, or a need to have more than what is needed for basic survival?

Instant gratification due to social media has been blamed enough, so I’ll take another angle. When it comes to nurture, our individualistic Western society, where we’re constantly compared to others, and our livelihood dangled in front of our noses based on how much better we perform than our neighbor, doesn’t help the algorythm of success in our minds. The constant striving for more leads to neurological and chemical burnout (I’ll leave the neurochemistry explanation to the professionals in this field), but to make a long story short, our body always finds homeostasis, balance. When we have too much of something it takes away our ability to be stimulated by it or react to it. Simply put: there’s no reward for having more. The only way to feel more is to need less.

I believe the problem boils down to our mindset about this hot new term that we’re all misunderstanding and has been poorly defined in most (if not all) dictionaries: abundance. We believe that abundance is having an endless supply of something, but I believe that true abundance is needing for nothing.

Another aspect to consider is that we believe working hard results in success. If we look at nature it has a divine balance and moments of rest and reset. We often don’t take the time to do this as humans, especially in the western world — we treat ourselves like machines that need no rest and can go on pushing the boulder uphill forever (which we will stop at nothing to accomplish for fear of having less).

From the perspective of a mind-body-spirit Life Coach, the feeling of not being enough, or being less than, is often due to our focus on external validation (whether it’s approval of others, material wealth, career success, our title or degrees on the wall, the list goes on) to provide us with a feeling of worthiness. The way we are trained by media and western mindset to do more, is motivation through judgements and shame/guilt — which actually keeps us stuck and mostly in inaction. The truth is that we are inherently worthy, and we deserve to compassionately forgive all of the judgements, which is a paradigm shift we could all use. Ironically this actually creates more of what we want (and this is the energetic alchemy of abundance and manifestation).

If satisfaction had an algorithm I believe it would be simplified as this: satisfaction = have/(want — need). If we want a lot more than we need, in order to feel satisfied we must have a lot more. If we need more than we want, we’re never satisfied because our needs may or may not be met but we’re not focused on what we want. We live in societies which want to drive our wants and needs, and limit what we have, so we’re never truly satisfied. But when we find a way to exponentially increase what we have (through mindset changes and clearing unconscious blocks), and/or decrease what we need and want, we can be infinitely satisfied. Because our minds are the computational machines of our human experience, we must train ourselves on this formula rather than be driven by society’s focus on insatiability.

How are societies different? For example, capitalistic societies trade differently than communists. Developed nations trade differently than developing nations. In your opinion, how does society shape a human’s experience and feelings of satisfaction?

From my experience growing up with communist-born and raised parents in the Western world, I’ve had a lot of dyssynchronistic information coming at me. My dad expressed it perfectly the other day at dinner when my son and niece were fighting about who’s better at what — he said “no one is better! We’re all equal”, which silenced them both. Rather than celebrating our differences, the communist strives to be equal, whereas the capitalist strives to be the best.

Honestly the way I see it, is that it’s all propaganda and unconscious programming. If we are focused on the external validation of society, rather than living our truth independent of our surroundings (which is what the vast majority of us do), we cannot help but strive for what we know. We know what we see and experience. If we’ve been told all our lives that there are only red apples and our experience has provided evidence of that, the first time we see a green apple, we think: it’s fake, painted, poisonous or from another universe. Similarly if we live in a world where “abundance” is the goal and/or celebrated and external validation is driven into our unconsciousness since birth, we’ll always strive for more because no matter how much we attain, it’s never enough. This idea that we are exactly where we need to be, and life happens for us is the green apple we’re starting to learn is actually tangible, and very real.

In a perfect society where everyone is able to tap into their fullest capacity and answer their true calling, knowing they’ll be fairly compensated for their ability and their needs taken care of, greed wouldn’t exist, governments would be fair and just, perhaps we would have a utopia. But the reality is our worldview is shaped by our upbringing, culture and experiences, and our habits are driven 95% unconsciously.

With a specific focus on brain function, how has the brain and its dominion over the body and beliefs been impacted by the societal construct?

We touched on this in the last question, but I’ll just add that classically we accepted that the brain develops based on the input it receives from the world around it (seen and unseen). The more red apples we see, the stronger that neural path becomes. If we leave the unconscious or subconscious mind in the driver seat, the belief is that there are only red apples in the world. Thankfully we are conscious beings with the power of choice. We don’t simply believe what we see, some of us question what’s possible and move forth with curiosity. For those, beliefs have dominion over the neural wiring of the brain, if we choose to focus our attention on unconscious reprogramming. Neuroplasticity allows for the brain to repattern what we “know” to be true. When we start a new habit, it’s hard at first, but if we consciously, with determination and dedication to our vision repeat the new habit enough, we can create new neural paths. Think of it as going from a forest, to a clearing with a dirt path, to a paved highway. The more we practice the new habit, the less resistance we have to it and the more enjoyable the road can be.

When it comes to societal constructs or our worldviews, if we believe what we’re told and submit to societal programming our options are limited (again if we see only red apples we believe that’s all we can ever have). When we live in a world that teaches us from a young age that you cannot do something without jumping through 100 hurdles, or that sacrifice leads to success, or hard, miserable work leads to a full bank account, our ability to accomplish wealth and success becomes a challenge, even if there are no real hurdles, our mind has already accepted the imagined hurdles and is already wasting energy to create a plan B, C and D, instead of focusing all of our energy on our aligned and inspired path with full permission.

Do you think the way our society markets and advertises goods and services, has affected people’s feelings of satisfaction? Can you explain what you mean?

I believe there’s a difference between conscious, spiritual marketing, and what’s been taught and used for years as psychological hijacking by reverse psychology. If we think of satisfaction as the algorithm I explained earlier, and we consider the marketing most of us grew up with and is still quite prevalent in our western world, we are constantly being sold the idea that we never HAVE enough, and we NEED endlessly. Not only that, but most marketing is manipulative and sneaky — it offers to solve insecurities through a product or service (which usually doesn’t truly deliver that reward), or it creates a problem that you never knew you had, while subconsciously providing cues and triggers to make you want the solution without realizing it. This creates a lack of satisfaction just from consuming the information.

Consider this scenario: I invite you to a free powerful session where we’re going to change your life, and I tell you to just bring yourself. When you sit down at the presentation, I tell you that for the next 45 minutes I’m going to give you the algorithm to create anything that you want in your life — make sure you write this down. Now you’re scrambling to find a pen and notepad in the bottom of your bag. I let you sit in that discomfort, the fear of missing out, FOMO, then a few moments later, I offer you a pen for $100. I give you a moment to think and tell you that in the next 60 seconds the price of the pen will become $1000. What do you do? You’ve already bought into the need to chang your life, and you need a pen, otherwise this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity will pass you by. If you don’t buy the pen you could spend the rest of your life wondering if that $100 could have made your life better, during every painful moment moving forward.

How is the wiring of the brain, body, and beliefs shaped by marketing, language, and how humans trade?

The nature of marketing is guided by and also guides the needs (real or imagined/created) of the audience. These needs vary, based on the society in which one lives and the worldview they hold. The way that humans trade in different societies guides a general sense of individual-centrics vs collective-centric beliefs, values and therefore needs. The language(s) people learn and use correlate(s) to the complexity with which they interpret and interact with their world, along with many other factors such as expression of gratitude, spiritual inclination and so on. With all of that in mind, and with the understanding that our brain and the neural connections that are formed and strengthened are based on our repeated experiences, and even our genetics change based on our interaction with our environment (epigenetics) we can consider the implications of our surroundings including media, language and how humans trade to strengthen those pathways and programming.

Consider the scenario in the last question. In an individualistic society the answer is obvious — get that credit card! Right? But if you slow down to consider your options, you have a choice — you can buy the pen and write down the algorithm. This is likely the only choice for many people in the western world. Some, may say — I don’t need your $100 pen, what a scam! Those that come from collectivist societies may consider asking their neighbor with a notebook to split the cost of the pen and share notes, others will look around and find someone with a pen to ask for their notes. Some may consider working as a team and split the cost 5+ ways. There are endless possibilities, but the mind will go to the one that’s been trained by our worldview. Language, culture, economy and marketing inform our worldview.

We haven’t spoken much about the connection to our spirit, and I believe it’s a necessary part of this conversation since we touch on beliefs here. Taking into consideration my focus is the integration of the mind, body and spirit, and that I’m a trained scientist, this question makes me want to research theories to provide an evidence-based answer, rather than answering from the space of divine alignment as I have so far, perhaps because much of marketing and trading in the western world has ignored the spirit.

The truth is that the spirit knows, above any beliefs and conditioning of the mind, what its truth is regardless of language, marketing and economy. We are, however, physical beings existing in these human bodies which are subject to influence by these inputs. The way our truth shows up is by physical and/or mental manifestations that feel uncomfortable or take us out of our essence or flow-state. It’s the well-known “gut feeling” we get when something isn’t quite right.

If our outer world is in conflict with our inner knowing, or spiritual connectedness to source (our truth), our bodies tend to capture this opposing energy physically and mentally. If we choose to be conscious beings, aware of our unconscious programming, triggers, blocks, and we are willing to do the inner work to clear them, these physical manifestations of opposing energies can be brought to the surface and integrated. However, if we are victims to our unconscious programming without awareness, our brain is coded based on what we experience and what’s passed down via nature (genetics) and nurture (learning). Regardless of whether we are consciously aware of it or not, at some point this programming usually conflicts with our inner knowing and we experience dyssynchrony or misalignment in the form of bodily or mental dysfunction.

I work in marketing so I’m very cognizant of this question. In your opinion, how do you think marketing professionals can be more responsible for how their advertising shapes humans’ health and experience of happiness overall?

I believe that providing value is important. If a product provides value, and the advertising is focused on that, people that could benefit from the value have a choice to invest in this opportunity or not. Advertising using the truth, rather than manipulative techniques, empowers people to make choices based on their genuine needs and what’s aligned for them, rather than an imagined or created insecurity, which creates buying from a place of lack or scarcity. This has all sorts of implications including financial, guilt, shame, dissatisfaction, further disillusionment, and the list goes on. Natalie Ellis from BossBabe talks about the passion or creator economy and shares the value of providing an energetic exchange to the client rather than simply selling (which is focused on taking rather than serving).

For you personally, if you have all your basic needs met, do you feel you have enough in life?

When my basic needs are met, I feel I have enough and I’m grateful for what I have, but I’d be lying if I said I don’t desire more at times. To me having my needs met includes honoring my values, not just basic human needs like food, shelter, etc. I’ve grown up in Canada, so I also have this Western world mentality ingrained in my subconscious, however, I have experienced poverty first hand and have traveled to learn much more broad experiences than what we are limited to in the western world. I think my happiest memories were when my focus was on what I did have and how I could be in service, instead of what I didn’t have — and not in comparison to anyone else, but in the reality of my core needs and desires being met. Anytime I’ve felt the need for more, I ask myself which of my core values isn’t being met, and how can I meet it for myself, without actually having more. A powerful mindset shift and energetic alchemy trick I often use, is to focus on what I do have, which actually meets those core values and needs, which is rewarding in many ways.

Okay, fantastic. Here is the main question of our interview: Can you share with our readers your “5 things we can each do to address the feeling of not having enough.”

  1. Slow down!

Become aware of what’s taking you out of your essence — this is the state in which you feel inherently worthy, expansive and unshakable.

When we slow down, breathe and turn off our sympathetic overdrive (also known as the fight-flight-fawn or freeze response) and instead embody the parasympathetic (most commonly known as rest and digest) nervous system response, our physiology changes. Our hearts and minds slow down, we are able to have access to higher order functioning neurologically, and make better decisions.

Our conscious awareness of what’s happening in our body and how our life feels to us is accessible in this state. When we start to pay attention to what lights us up, what makes us feel alive and aligned, vs what makes us feel heavy, tight and constricted, we can start to make decisions from this place of awareness. From this place, we are nearly impossible to manipulate, and can stand in our truth — including embracing and experiencing gratitude for all that we DO have (step 2).

I have been diagnosed, as an adult, with ADHD — inattentive type and highly functioning (which is very common in women), and therefore lived my entire life learning and implementing organizational skills to manage my scattered mind and be able to be more productive. When I learned about coaching and the value of slowing down, I was able to harness my creative capacity and use it as a superpower, to channel that energy into my calling and passions, rather than spending hours fighting myself to study something that wasn’t aligned with me to begin with. It started with noticing that I slouch, get muscle tension and soreness, feel exhausted and drained and get very short-tempered when I’m studying. This awareness didn’t come, however, until I actually experienced the opposite — the feeling of presence. I remember taking a bath and just being present, without having to hurry to the next thing on my schedule. At first it was uncomfortable and I wanted to rush out of the bath and get back on the productivity train, but as I got into the habit of slowing down, I noticed myself placing boundaries around the people and things that took me out of that space. Once I removed those things, life became so much easier and aligned. I was able to sense and feel what was in alignment with my truth, instead of just taking everything on because of the belief that I had no choice.

Had I not invested in coaching, I may have gone on my entire life thinking that’s just the way it’s supposed to be, just push on it’ll be over soon. Now I know that there is another way — that the body knows what the mind still hasn’t grasped, and that we are infinitely wise. We know what’s in alignment and what’s not, but we often don’t slow down to pay attention. When I started coaching and helping others find their truth, I was lit up, feeling at ease and in my flow, synchronicity became a regular pattern, I attracted everything I thought of, and life became five times easier (research shows this is statistically possible).

2. Give!

Give thanks! Give money! Give food! Give time and appreciation — to everyone and everything, in a genuine and whole hearted way.

Slowing down helps us to get out of our heads and pay more attention to what’s going on around us. We are naturally more aware and in-tune with what makes us feel good, connected to humanity and nature, and we can feel and express gratitude for the things that bring us joy or give us a feeling of expansiveness or freedom. As we do this, we are energetically charging ourselves up and inviting more of those things into our lives.

Our world is vastly underappreciated — when we give this gift to others, we are nourished, and so are they. Be sure to give genuine appreciation though, as the subconscious knows when you’re BS-ing it, both your own and that of others. Genuinely appreciate every person, place and thing — quietly or out loud — until you feel truly abundant. This is one of the under-utilized, free resources, we all have access to.

Many of my clients come to me in their heads about something they want but don’t have, and believe they cannot have. One specific example that comes to me very strongly, is a woman who came to me with the goal to find a job that is in alignment for her — she wasn’t sure what to choose and was afraid of making the wrong decision. In one session, she was able to slow down and recognize how fortunate she was to have multiple opportunities, and in experiencing that presence and gratitude she was able to tap into her divine feminine nature, and reintroduce the magic of manifestation into her life. By the next session, she had stopped drinking (a daily habit she had picked up to ease her tension and stress), she let go of the extra weight her body was subconsciously holding on to, despite not changing her exercise routine or diet for over 6 months, she started ovulating, was sleeping better, and had a more aligned vision of starting a family, as her husband was offered a position that he could only dream of. Her truth was that she wanted her husband to carry the financial responsibility so that she could focus on growing their future and home. Through the gratitude of her opportunities, towards her husband and compassionate self-forgiveness for her judgements, she was able to align her vision to one that felt aligned and alive for her.

3. Embrace and embody your divine masculine and feminine qualities and energies.

This is probably a kicker and may cause some disgruntled opinions. We all have feminine and masculine energies, the problem is that in the Western world, the toxic masculine has been dominating the playing field for far too long. This drives insecurity, action out of scarcity, fear mongering… the list goes on. A divine masculine presence supports planning, reasoning, logic and strategy to name a few. A divine feminine presence supports healing, nurturing, presence and being, compassion, flexibility and more. This is the divine duality we all possess and has nothing to do with gender identity or sexual orientation, but energies that exist within us all, and are available to us if we choose to embody them.

When they are toxic, masculinity can show up as aggression, dominance, violence, superiority and the need or desiree to prove oneself. Some examples of toxic femininity and how it can be expressed are judgement, shame, sacrifice, being passive or submissive — mentally, emotionally, sexually. Many of the toxic masculine and feminine traits are celebrated in our society and passed down through generations. It’s time to take notice of these patterns and heal them, as they are one of the main sources of our misalignment and therefore drive our need for more, and feeling of having very little. I could write a book about this topic alone, and many have.

The story in Step 1 truly speaks to embracing my divine feminine energy of presence, self-care, nurturing and slowing down to become more sensual with myself. There is so much energy in passion and presence that we have lost access to in our society, where we are expected to do it all, all the time, without stopping, and yet are undervalued and underappreciated. When I learned to embrace my divine feminine, follow my intuition and act on inspiration rather than react to the world around me, my life opened up. This was a massive rebirth and has been such a beautiful transformation into the woman I was born to be. I’m ever-evolving, learning and growing and embracing it all!

4. Turn inwards, trust your truth, and turn UP!

So many of us look to the outside world for validation, or to check how others will react to what we do or say, that we begin to live a life for them instead of for us! It’s not something to get bent out of shape for, it’s just the way many of us have been programmed as children. Our whole lives we’ve heard “do this, don’t do that”, “make mommy and daddy proud”, “I’m so proud of you”, “be a good girl”, “nice boys don’t do that”, “what will others think of you if you act that way?”…sound familiar? GREAT! Now that we’re aware, we are no longer stuck with that subconscious programming. We have a choice from this place of awareness to decide if we will continue on this path, or create a new habit of turning inward for our answers.

If you choose to follow this path, read on! In order to trust your truth, it’s important to recognize the difference in your body when resistance is protective vs coming out of fear. If it comes out of fear, compassionately meeting it, embracing that it’s just trying to protect you, and compassionately forgtiving yourself for believing that you’re not safe is the Mastery Method (taught at the Institute of Coaching Mastery — created and taught by my mentor coach, Alyssa Nobriga). This is an art and craft, and can be masterfully facilitated by trained and practiced, trauma-informed Mastery Method coaches.

Trusting your truth is one of the most powerful things you can do in your life. Once you become solid in your truth, nobody can manipulate you, and the universe can support your evolution, manifestation becomes a daily habit, and limits become irrelevant! It’s really difficult to feel unsatisfied from this place of alignment!

I whole-heartedly walked away from medicine, to embrace my gifts, talents and passions! After studying for countless years, racking up nearly $200,000 of debt, teaching for many years in various disciplines including medicine, I returned to BC to become a licensed physician in my province (something nearly impossible to accomplish and my life’s purpose until this point). I was so close I could almost smell it. If you read my story in Step 1, you’ll realize that my educational path has been an uphill battle. When I recognized my mind’s capacity for creativity and lack of alignment with standardized testing, I couldn’t face myself in the mirror and keep going against my knowing, that becoming a licensed physician and practicing western medicine wasn’t for me. There are many reasons, some relating to my core values that I won’t get into, but once I knew my truth, I undeniably had to honor it. In those moments of slowing down, I began to follow my passion, I listened to audio books and podcasts that were sent to me by divine intervention, or I was inspired to look up. I followed the thread of passion, that energy that made me feel alive again, until it lead me to my ultimate truth and alignment. I remember getting out of the shower one day and looking myself in the foggy mirror. I wiped it clean, got really close and stared into my soul. I finally recognized myself in my truth and alignment, and haven’t looked back since. Of course at times I’ll slip into old habits of taking on too much, but I recognize the pattern and I can laugh about it, and choose a more aligned path. From this place of truth and alignment, when synchronicity is an everyday occurrence, there’s simply no time or opportunity for dissatisfaction!

5. Answer your calling!
As a sequential last step and similar to the previous step, this one requires you to know your truth. Don’t skip #4 or you may end up answering someone else’s calling!

When something is divinely aligned, it becomes undeniable. As soon as we recognize it — which is the first irreversible step — we can’t deny our truth and calling. We can choose not to follow it, but eventually all roads will leads us back to where we’re meant to be. This the universal energy which fuels us all. When we go along with what we’re here for (P3 Alchemy method — passion, purpose, potential), the universe rewards us with constant synchronicities and we are able to attract what’s aligned for us.

Every one of my clients can share that knowing is useless without action. They all knew their truth before starting to work with me — for some it was buried deep in their unconsciousness and for others it was quite palpable. Despite that knowing being there, they continued to deny their truth and stayed on a path of misalignment and misery! The ability to honor your truth in a clean space that a masterful coach can hold is so powerful — because it becomes undeniable. From this place of alignment, goal-setting and follow-through on action steps is not only rewarding, but it’s so fun to watch the universe conspire for you. Challenges become opportunities for growth, triggers become stepping stones towards evolution and humanity becomes inspiring.

Do you have any favorite books, podcasts, or resources that have inspired you to live with more joy in life?

Most podcasts I listen to lately are about honing skills and learning, such as the How To Start A Podcast Podcast by Brandon Stover. One podcast that brings me joy (I’m secretly a nerd and sapiosexual) is the Huberman Lab by Dr. Andrew Huberman — he makes neuroscience relevant and exciting to learn for any listener. The BossBabe, Better with Dr. Stephanie, Oprah’s Super Soul, Highest Self Podcast and many others were all part of my alignment to my higher self and calling. The series of books, starting with Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield were like a written word to my experiences during my realignment and escaping a dangerously toxic relationship. I’m currently reading The Kybalion — which as it states will resonate with those who have the capacity and alignment for it. I’m also reading What Happened To You by Dr. Bruce Perry and Oprah Winfrey, which is a masterful piece, combining education and lived experience. My greatest resource has been my truth, and whole-heartedly stepping into it has been supported by my amazing mentor coach, Alyssa Nobriga and The Institute for Coaching Mastery Certification, with all of my amazing peers in the program!

You are a person of great influence. If you could start a movement that would bring the most amount of good to the most amount of people, what would that be? You never know what your idea can trigger. 🙂

Thank you, I’d love to receive that fully and I truly appreciate your and the audience’s time in engaging with this interview. My movement would be to empower every human to follow their Authenticity Calling journey!

Follow your passions, your alignment with your truth, and fully live out your purpose(s) as you embody your ever-evolving potential.

What is the best way for our readers to continue to follow your work online?

As I mentioned earlier, I’m in the middle of rebranding to / @ralitzaspassova from / @authenticitymd (this may be a temporary rebrand, so follow both). You can always find me on LinkedIn and Facebook as myself, Ralitza Spassova.

This was very inspiring. Thank you so much for the time you spent on this. We wish you only continued success.

Thank you for this beautiful opportunity to share my truth and take inspired action in my own Authenticity Calling journey!

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